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Как се пише: инструкции или инструкций?

Правилно е да се пише инструкции – форма за мн.ч. на инструкция. Формата за мн.ч. на никоя дума в българския език не завършва с .

Тук ще намерите подробни инструкции как да добавите Google Analytics във вашия уеб сайт.
Преди да попълните формуляра, прочетете инструкциите към него.


  • Официален правописен речник на българския език. С., БАН, Просвета, 2020, с. 305.
  • Граматика на съвременния български книжовен език. Т. 2. С., БАН, 1983, 104 – 111.

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Installing this Fork

First, you need to download a copy of PoB from Openarls Github page here. You can use either the portable version or the .exe install for this to work.

To have your PoB refer this fork when updating you will need to change 1 line in the manifest.xml file in your PoB install directory.

The manifest.xml file is NOT in C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\Path of Building

You have to manually change the line yourself by going to your C:\ProgramData\Path of Building folder if you used the original installer (.exe file) or if you installed the portable version (.zip file) go to the folder where you installed it. If you cannot see the «ProgramData» folder make sure you have hidden items turned on under the view tab.

The manifest file can have 2 different layouts.

Open the manifest.xml file in notepad (right-click and open with notepad or any text editor)

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If you manifest file looks similar to this. Search for the line (should be near line 4)

Топ брокеров бинарных опционов:

and change it to

If you manifest file looks similar to this. Search for the line (should be near line 9)

Updating Firmware

HackRF devices ship with firmware on the SPI flash memory and with a bitstream programmed onto the CPLD. The firmware can be updated with nothing more than a USB cable and host computer.

These instructions allow you to upgrade the firmware and CPLD bitstream in order to take advantage of new features or bug fixes.

If you have any difficulty making this process work from your native operating system, you can use Pentoo or the GNU Radio Live DVD to perform the updates.

Step 1: Updating the SPI Flash Firmware

To update the firmware on a working HackRF One, use the hackrf_spiflash program:

You can find the firmware binary (hackrf_one_usb.bin) in the firmware-bin directory of the latest release package or you can compile your own from the source. For Jawbreaker, use hackrf_jawbreaker_usb.bin. If you compile from source, the file will be called hackrf_usb.bin.

The hackrf_spiflash program is part of hackrf-tools.

When writing a firmware image to SPI flash, be sure to select firmware with a filename ending in «.bin».

After writing the firmware to SPI flash, you may need to reset the HackRF device by pressing the RESET button or by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

If you get an error that mentions HACKRF_ERROR_NOT_FOUND, check out the FAQ. It’s often a permissions problem that can be quickly solved.

Step 2: Updating the CPLD

To update to the latest CPLD image, first update the SPI flash firmware, libhackrf, and hackrf-tools. Then:

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After a few seconds, three LEDs should start blinking. This indicates that the CPLD has been programmed successfully. Reset the HackRF device by pressing the RESET button or by unplugging it and plugging it back in.

In an upcoming firmware/tools release (some time in 2020), you can check the version of the CPLD flash. The hackrf_info command will print a CRC32 «checksum» value that can be used to compare against these values from prior firmware releases:

Release CRC32
2020.02.1 0x8b150ff6
2020.01.1 0x8b150ff6

Only if Necessary: DFU Boot

DFU boot mode is normally only needed if the firmware is not working properly or has never been installed.

The LPC4330 microcontroller on HackRF is capable of booting from several different code sources. By default, HackRF boots from SPI flash memory (SPIFI). It can also boot HackRF in DFU (USB) boot mode. In DFU boot mode, HackRF will enumerate over USB, wait for code to be delivered using the DFU (Device Firmware Update) standard over USB, and then execute that code from RAM. The SPIFI is normally unused and unaltered in DFU mode.

To start up HackRF One in DFU mode, hold down the DFU button while powering it on or while pressing and releasing the RESET button. Release the DFU button after the 3V3 LED illuminates. The 1V8 LED should remain off. At this point HackRF One is ready to receive firmware over USB.

To start up Jawbreaker in DFU mode, short two pins on one of the «BOOT» headers while power is first supplied. The pins that must be shorted are pins 1 and 2 of header P32 on Jawbreaker. Header P32 is labeled «P2_8» on most Jawbreakers but may be labeled «2» on prototype units. Pin 1 is labeled «VCC». Pin 2 is the center pin. After DFU boot, you should see VCCLED illuminate and note that 1V8LED does not illuminate. At this point Jawbreaker is ready to receive firmware over USB.

You should only use a firmware image with a filename ending in «.dfu» over DFU, not firmware ending in «.bin».

Only if Necessary: Recovering the SPI Flash Firmware

If the firmware installed in SPI flash has been damaged or if you are programming a home-made HackRF for the first time, you will not be able to immediately use the hackrf_spiflash program as listed in the above procedure. Follow these steps instead:

  1. Follow the DFU Boot instructions to start the HackRF in DFU boot mode.
  2. Type dfu-util —device 1fc9:000c —alt 0 —download hackrf_one_usb.dfu to load firmware from a release package into RAM. If you have a Jawbreaker, use hackrf_jawbreaker_usb.dfu instead. Alternatively, use make -e BOARD=HACKRF_ONE RUN_FROM=RAM program to load the firmware into RAM and start it.
  3. Follow the SPI flash firmware update procedure above to write the «.bin» firmware image to SPI flash.

On fresh installs of your OS, you may need obtain a copy of DFU-Util. For most Linux distributions it should be available as a package, for example on Debian/Ubuntu

If you are using a platform without a dfu-util package, build instruction can be found here on the dfu-util source forge build page.

Now you will have the current version of DFU Util installed on your system.

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